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Energize Your Brand with Social Media Campaigns

Harness the power of social media to target the best talent, attract passive candidates and add value to your brand.

Socialise Makes It Easy For You

  • Identify the right target audience for your position requirements.
  • Design attractive ads and present your employer value proposition.
  • Create engaging, informational landing pages to convert awareness into attraction.
  • Quick, easy application process with LinkedIn integration.
  • Monitor your campaign, adjust and maximize your ROI.
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Why Socialise?

Cost Efficiency. Faster Processing. Better Branding.


Ad Views


Career Site Visits


More Candidates


Average Cost per Hire

Omni Channel, Many Options

  • Choose your Channel - Indeed, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.
  • Choose your Budget – Pre-packaged campaigns or target budget
  • Choose your Content – Video, image, EVP slogans, etc
  • Choose your Process – Automated steps
  • Choose Socialise to design a great talent attraction flow for your brand
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Monitor Your Results

  • Quality of the Applications
  • Channel Effectiveness
  • Cost Optimization
  • Candidate Experience scores

Client Testimonials

" Denizbank and Socialise: Sourcing and Acquiring the Best Talents in the Highly Competitive Banking Industry "

" Colin's and Socialise: Fueling Growth, Right Talent Just In Time "

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital agencies specialise İn optimizing product marketing and sales. However, talent attraction flow design requires more options and HR know-how. Plus, attraction is only part of the game. Candidates need a robust, quick and easy application process, linked directly with your ATS. Socialise offers expertise and integrated candidate flow in an easy to use product.

We are not a creative ad agency. However, having launched more than 100 successful ad campaigns, we can help guide you to create your own attractive designs, slogans and steps. We can also offer A/B testing, so you can create more than one design and test what works best on the field.

Pre-packaged campaigns usually last one week. You can always add more weeks to your package. No upfront payment required. Peoplise will bill you after the campaign is completed.

We will be reporting ad views, clicks, application page views, number of applications, cost distributions and the candidates experience scores on a daily basis so you can monitor and adjust your campaigns.

Social Recruiting: Sourcing best talent in social media

By posting your jobs on social media you address your audience directly and enable potential candidates to ask further questions and get in touch.

5 Myths about Digital Recruitment

The fast changing world of apps, social media, video technologies, games and VR is having a dramatic impact on HR processes.

Attract more candidates and add value to your brand with Socialise.
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