ANALYSEAssess Your Talent, Verify the Fit

Attracting talent is one thing, finding out the fit between the candidate and the job is another. We bring vigour of psychometrics, ease of video technologies and discipline of analytics together to help you develop a great position flow for the right analysis.

Mobile Video Filtering

Engage candidates with videos and smart filtering questions. Make your application process fun and efficient. Who needs to conduct hundreds of phone interviews or lengthy application processes when you can ask a few smart, engaging questions to screen your talent on their mobile.

Online Interviews

Don’t let the distance get in the way. Minimize the time and costs by online interviews. You can upload your questions, take your notes and standardise your evaluations with our innovative interview module as well as record your sessions and share with third parties.

Online Assessments

Assess your candidates’ potential, skills and job fit with our proctored tests and verify them accurately. We offer proven general aptitude, language, competency tests, and situational judgment assessments to help you analyse the quality of your candidate. Pick your test and flow.

  • CEB
  • Psytech
  • Korn Ferry
  • iTep

Auto Flow

Manage large volume of applications with the auto-flow feature. Just set your success criteria and let Peoplise flow your candidates in your process automatically.

Fit Score

Peoplise learns from you as you decide your flow and set evaluation criteria. It develops a FIT score for each candidate as they go through the process. Assess, prioritise and choose your candidates based on how FIT they are with the expectations of success.

Smart Panels

Digital is not just for experience, it also means data. Gather all your key process data, set KPIs and create your reports on our smart analytics panels. Easy to build, easy to share with smart filtering feature for all your analytics needs.