Frequently Asked Questions


1- Why would I choose to buy yet another recruitment software?

Most of the existing ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems) are not designed to provide a mobile, digital and engaging candidate experience. They were initially designed to transform paper CVs into application data, control and process management in mind. And now, most are falling behind the digital transformation. Almost 64 % of all job seekers are looking for positions via mobile apps, but only 16% of organisations have a mobile application process. Peoplise does not replace your ATS that holds important data, it upgrades it with digital tools so you can offer a superior candidate experience and save money and time while doing it.


2- I don’t have an ATS- can I use Peoplise as an ATS as well?

Yes, of course you can. Peoplise has all the critical features of a robust ATS such as LinkedIn profile integration, tagging, managing positions, automated response management and many more features. If you want to build your talent acquisition process around talent experience and smart data, Peoplise would be a great choice for an ATS, as well.


3- I am very happy with my current ATS but I am lacking digital tools, can I integrate it with Peoplise?

Peoplise has a very flexible modular design. It integrates with all ATS software that have APIs (programming interfaces) for integration. These include SuccessFactors, Taleo, Kenexa, etc. Just let us know what you use, and we will integrate.


4- I have an ATS but the reporting is awf…inadequate... How can Peoplise help?

Reporting is not an afterthought for Peoplise. We provide a state-of-the-art smart filtering system for managing and visualising your data easily. Set KPIs, track progress, check for relationships on a flexible big data visualisation platform made easy for everyday HR usage. And it is 100% customisable to your needs as well. Check out some of our report screens for more info.


5- What does Socialise offer on Social Media?

Peoplise has a great Social Media Suite, incidentally called Socialise. With Socialise you take social media recruitment to a new level. It is not just about posting jobs in all social media outlets, you will be able to promote your positions right from your own Peoplise screen. Manage your advertisements, create an inviting, exciting landing page for promoting your positions, apply engagement and re-targeting widgets such as chat bots for increasing application numbers, and track all your traffic through your report screens. Don’t just post and wait on Social Media. We help you manage it.

Check out what Socialise offers to you.
6- How does Peoplise help with my work load?

Digital HR is not just for the talent experience. With smart, data-driven position management process, we let you automate most of your manual, administrative work with automated flows. Set up your pass/fail conditions for each step of the position flow, and your candidates will receive pre-determined auto responses based on their scores. Manage thousands of applications just by setting standards. Let Peoplise auto-flow feature manage the interactions for you. It is 3 times faster and 80% more accurate.


7- I have Skype/ - why would I need another module for Video interviewing?

Peoplise online interview module has three basic advantages over using any proprietary conferencing software. Firstly, it lets you provide your own brand to the applicant for a professional experience. Instead of inviting her as a friend through another brand, all your interviews are white-labeled with your brand. Secondly, with the consent of the candidate, you can record and share the interview sessions with 3rd parties. Last but not least, with Peoplise, you can load all your questions up front for the interviewer to see on the screen, take notes during the session and complete a standard evaluation at the end. All that valuable data is stored for you in Peoplise, unlike other generic communication portals or proprietary video conferencing software. 


8- We have a very high turn-over rate- how can Peoplise help?

Turnover is the result of many things. Peoplise can help you in two aspects. One is the Fit Score feature. As you set up your position, Peoplise fit score algorithm helps you rank your candidates based on their fit for the position. The better the fit, the higher the intent to stay. You can track this relationship over your smart reporting panels and adjust your process to increase the fit over time.

Secondly, Peoplise offers a robust onboarding module we call Harmonise (no surprises there). Harmonise is an automated workflow engine that provides your new employee a personal, mobile dashboard to manage all her tasks during the most critical onboarding process. Have her upload documents, attend e-learning sessions, watch videos, etc. Turn onboarding into a well-planned sequence of events to maximize early engagement. And early engagement means low turnover. Guaranteed. Check out Harmonise, here.


9- I only need Socialise/Analyse/Harmonise for my team- can I buy just one module?

Short answer is Yes. No worries. Pick what you need, plug & play. There are no long answers, by the way.


10- How is the candidate experience with Peoplise?

That’s a good question. Let us show you how our candidate experience feels like. Watch this video: