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We digitize your recruitment process and empower HR teams with smart use of technology and data.


We are a highly experienced team of over 100 years in total. We work all together to provide an integrated and video enabled digital platform for all your recruitment needs. Our mission is to help HR practitioners to utilize digital and analytical technologies in all steps of the talent acquisition process and create the best teams for their business with lower turn-over, higher performance as they grow.

VC backed



Çağatay Güney

Co-Founder / CEO

Cagatay is the author in the team!

Cagatay is a Human Resources and Organization Development professional with more than 20 years of experience both as a manager in and as an external consultant to several Fortune 500 companies in USA, Canada and Turkey.

He is also the author of two fictional novels.

Güçlü Özenci

Co-Founder / Chief Sales Officer

Guclu is the connected runner in the team!.

He has been in solution sales and business development for over 20 years. He has worked for Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard responsible of the enterprise clients. He is an angel investor and mentor, focusing early start-up ventures.

He runs marathons for charity.

Mehmet Ali Özenci

Co-Founder / CTO

Ali is the wise guy in the team!

He has 43 years of professional experience on IT based national and international projects from analysis to design and implementation of complicated, real-time systems as system engineer, team leader and project manager.

He loves sailing and skiing

Hasan Türkyılmaz

Product Director

Hasan is the guy who loves Chinese Novels!

His background presents an uncommon understanding of the market to design a solution that ultimately excites customers about.

Hasan holds MSc Information Technology from Metropolia University

Nurettin Mert Aydın

Product and Software Manager

Mert is the selective guy in the team! 

He has been in software development industry for over 10 years. He has worked in various image processing, simulation and web projects. 

Mert holds MSc in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University. 

Serdar Mumcu

Systems and Integrations Manager

Serdar is the martial arts guy in the team!

He has been in software development industry for over 10 years. He has worked in various simulation and web development projects.

Serdar holds BSc in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University.

Caner Özgökmen

UX / UI Designer

Caner is the cat guy in the team!

He loves hoomans, he loves designing for hoomans. His career started as a product designer and swayed its way through digital world.

Caner holds BSc in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University.

Aslan Ünal

Front-End Developer

Aslan is the calm guy in the team! 

He is an UI designer and Front-End Development specialist with almost 15 years of experience. He has several web awards.

He has also a project aiming to bring together the schools in need of donations.

Taylan Bengi

‎Sales and Business Development

Taylan is the animal lover in the team!

He has been in energy & production industries for almost 10 years. He has mainly focused on process designing and executive project management.

He loves diving and is passionate about renewable energy & energy trading

Cihan Oklap

Marketing Specialist

Cihan is the mountaineer guy in the team!

He is a startup enthusiast and helps us on every marketing related activities. He is also an Alumni Fellow of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Cihan holds BSc in Economics & Business Administration from Koc University

Duran Sayalı

Senior Software Engineer

Duran is the caffeine guy in the team!

He has been working as a software engineer for 3 years. Duran holds BSc in Computer Technology and Information Systems from Bilkent University.

He is an aquarist.

Onur Erdemkılıç

Software Engineer

Onur is the gamer guy in the team!

Onur holds BSc in Electrical Engineering from Kırıkkale University.

He is a social networking guru.

Merve Portakal

Software Engineer

She has been working as a software engineer for two years.

Merve holds BSc in Computer Engineering from Selcuk University.

Didem Erdemir

Customer Support Director

She is human-oriented.

Didem holds BSc in Economics from Bilkent University. Now, she's getting a master degree on Human Resources Management and Career Consulting at Ankara University.