"We are the Generation Z of recruitment.

Finding and attracting the ideal talent for your company is getting harder everyday.

We created an all-digital, cloud based recruitment platform that helps you attract the best talent that fits with your culture.

It is 10 times faster, 80% more accurate and fun to use for the new generation. It is the first time, social media, video technology and big data for HR meet in one single digital platform."










  • Productivity: Save time and resources. 30% more time to focus on the right candidates. 10 times speeding up and ROI in just 3 months.
  • Accuracy: Video based filtering and assessments increases accuracy of verification and enables HR to find the better candidates on time, every time.
  • Branding: Platform creates many customizable unique branding opportunities to turn your recruitment into an employee branding force.
  • Customizable Cloud: The flexible and user friendly admin screens ensures that you can customize your own flow for your recruitment needs while the cloud technology saves you time and resources for a lengthy and costly IT implementation. It is as flexible as you designed it and easy as a turnkey.

PEOPLISE Talent Acquisition cloud service provides an integrated and video enabled digital platform for all your recruitment needs. The platform is designed to help HR practitioners to utilize digital and analytical technologies in all steps of the talent acquisition process.

Social Sourcing

This is targeted marketing for HR via social media. This wizard forms a dynamic link to post in all social media channels and attract targeted candidates with the power of your employer branding.

Digital Screening

The video enabled digital screening tool enables the HR practitioner to ask critical filtering questions to candidates in various formats including off-line videos. Thus, before even inviting the candidate for an interview and investing time, resources and meeting space, HR practitioners can view candidates’ videos, answers to position critical questions and make smart decisions for filtering the right candidates.

Online Interview

V-Meet module provides a high quality online interview tool that not only saves travel costs and time for long distance candidates but also provides a unique branding experience, as well. Unlike other generic collaboration tools, V-Meet is customized with your branding, logo and banners. The interview is recorded and provides 3-way interview, enabling 3 separate locations to meet.


The award-winning platform also has a proctored testing/assessment module where you can create your own tests or transfer already existing ones from outside. From test questions to situational assessment scenarios, the assessment module is capable of developing all types of questions and reports for all your verification needs. General aptitude tests, English tests, competency assessments, IT expertise, personality and 360 assessments. Unlike other online test providers, ELBA tests are proctored to prevent cheating. The platform integration also provides that all test results appear on the candidates profile for your easy review.


Enables HR to design and automate work processes for on-boarding new employees– uploading documents, reviewing company information, watching videos, conducting on-line training, etc. All the manual tasks that need to be completed and tracked separately are integrated in a simple and flexible workflow for the benefit of the new employee and the HR team. The module generates a branded web site, a personal dashboard to review and complete all his/her tasks and reports for the HR to track progress. It also lets HR to send reminders to various departments, set up tasks in the company to make the on-boarding process a success for new employees and the whole company.

HR Analytics

We provide customized analytic dashboards for instant statistical reporting. Not only the data from Elba HR processes, but also from your critical applications will feed the analytics tool and correlate the big data pieces to provide meaningful metrics for the leadership teams.